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Written By: Graphics Department - Nov• 04•14

ms deihl brief_smallDear VitaMist Family,

Can you believe it’s November?

I certainly can’t!

By the time you read this month’s VitaMist Newsletter, Halloween will have passed, the election will be over, and Thanksgiving will be close at hand.  The Holiday Season has arrived again.  Two months of the year that will set the stage for the rest of your life.

Excuses!  Excuses!  Everyone always has Excuses.  This year I have heard more excuses than ever before.  I urge all of you not to let “The Holiday Season” become another excuse, and ruin what you have been building with VitaMist over the past few months.

At the end of the summer I wrote on a similar theme, and I received so many positive responses telling me that my comments had really hit home and helped everyone out of their summer vacation daze. So, is it time to sit back and relax again?  Not if you want to achieve the success you believe you are due.

This Holiday Season, please enjoy yourselves.  But please, please, don’t allow all your hard work to be undone.  I urge every one of you, every single member of our family, to believe in yourselves and to be everything you can be.  Rather than look for reasons why you can’t, please look for reasons why you CAN!  In this way, “DO IT” has become something of a mantra for the true leaders of VitaMist.

Have an Amazing November, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!.

From My Heart With



24 Creative Ideas to Promote Your MLM Business for the Holiday Season

Written By: Graphics Department - Nov• 04•14


The holidays will be here before you know it. But instead of panicking about how much there is to do before then, get excited! There’s still plenty of time to plan a creative holiday promotion calendar and make an impact on this year’s profits. Tons of little (and big) ideas are out there to leverage in your VitaMist marketing efforts as the end of the year approaches. So here are some of the most fun ways to create buzz around your business:


1. Film a fun holiday YouTube video. Video is all the rage, when it’s catchy enough. Get your Team members together and create a themed video about your VitaMist – holiday focused or not. Share it using your social media channels, and show your customers how fun and personable your business is.


2. Create 2015 calendars with your business’s name on them. Better yet, stage a mini photo shoot with your Team and fill out a whole calendar of high quality images. This could keep your business on top of your customers minds all year round.


3. Offer holiday treats to customers and team members. Shopping works up big appetites, so help satisfy those empty stomachs with cookies and other bites. If nothing else, you spreading holiday cheer.


4. Host a holiday themed Twitter chat focused on either something your business excels in that consumers might want to ask you about, or just on holiday trivia. This will get people in the spirit and interacting with your VitaMist group.


5. Send out Halloween and Thanksgiving cards. It’s never too early to get people in the giving spirit.


6. Play up the fall harvest theme during October and November, and once Thanksgiving rolls around, spin the focus to winter.


7. Hold a photo contest on your Facebook page. Encourage your fans to send in photos of them using your product doing something related to the holidays. Be sure to have a giveaway prize for the winner.


8. If you have business clients, take them out for holiday lunches as a personal touch during the season to show them how much their business means to you.


9. Get involved in a food drive or Toys for Tots, and prominently display donations on your Facebook pages. It will show your VitaMist team is community minded.


10. Organize a caroling group. Include Team members, customers, friends, and family, and visit your neighbors.


11. Do holiday e-mail campaigns. E-mail is a great way to put your products and services right in front of customers, since they might not seek them for themselves. Especially at this time, when they’re ready and raring to spend.


12. Partner with other local merchants, and help drive traffic to one another’s businesses.


13. Organize a group to run the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, or get involved in another local, fun sporting event.


14. Set up gift certificates. Busy shoppers, or those who aren’t sure what to get someone on their list, will gladly grab one or two.


15. Wave a holiday banner or flag outside the house to catch the eye of those passing by.


16. Offer complimentary shipping. Oftentimes, it’s even more valuable than a discount.


17. Hand out coupons valid for the New Year to get customers coming back after the holidays, and boost those January sales.


18. Feature pre-wrapped gifts. This helps simplify things on your customers’ end, so they can make it to that holiday party on time without having to stop at home and wrap.


19. Create gift baskets themed with a local touch, so members of the community can share some of where they’re from with loved ones out of town.


20. Offer free treats and activities for kids. They can get cranky this time of year, being dragged around on shopping trips. Help give their parents a break.


21. Set up a free gift-wrapping station for shoppers who are on the go.


22. Feature holiday specials.


23. Deliver gifts locally. Help your customers save time on pickup by dropping off their gifts with a smile and a thank you note for choosing your business.


24. Lastly, don’t forget a holiday window display with the products you expect to be most popular that will catch the eye of everyone passing.


Being creative to promote your business during the holidays has a lot to do with having fun. Enlist the help of family, friends, and Team members, and start brainstorming even more ways to create the perfect holiday shopping environment for your business.

9 Simple Ways to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

Written By: Graphics Department - Nov• 04•14

Do you struggle with post-Thanksgiving food guilt? Are you already worried about the number of calories you will consume over the holidays? If the turkey is too tempting and the mashed potatoes and gravy sound too delectable to ignore, there are ways you can fight the urge to overeat, but still enjoy a great Thanksgiving.


Here are a few basic mindful eating tips to help you on Thanksgiving.


1) Take Home Leftovers

Bring your own Tupperware. If you overeat because you enjoy good food, come equipped with your own doggie bag. No need to eat mindlessly if you know that you can savor it again later.

Learn How to Handle Leftovers

Other than the massive meal you will be forced to face, there always comes the dilemma of when to eat those leftovers.

“One of the biggest problems that comes from our desire to overeat at Thanksgiving is the stack of leftovers in our fridge,” says Christy Shatlock, MS/RD, and one of the lead dietitians for bistroMD. “Eating leftovers every day after Thanksgiving can make sticking to your diet difficult; more of the wrong foods in the wrong portions.”

If you still want to eat leftovers after Turkey Day, there is a way to do it that won’t mess up your diet.

“When Thanksgiving is over, take your leftovers, and portion them out for the rest of the week using several different sizes of containers or Tupperware,” says Christy. “For your main protein, (the turkey), put in several medium size containers and label them on the days you are going to eat them. Do the same with your sides; portion them out and label for each day.”

If this seems like too much work, just use a small plate the next time you need to reheat. Eating these leftovers on a smaller plate will tell your brain that you’ve eaten enough, so you won’t eat too much!

Also, think of new, healthier ways to enjoy your leftovers. Slice up some of your leftover turkey, and put it on a salad the next day. You could also make a great soup with a lot of your leftovers. Just freeze it, reheat, and enjoy it later in the holiday season.


2) Don’t Skip Meals, and Chew Your Food Slowly!

On Thanksgiving, most people make the mistake of rushing through their meal. However, if you are trying NOT to overeat this holiday, it’s important that you chew your food slowly.


“When you chew your food slowly, this makes your meal more satisfying, and can actually help you feel fuller, longer,” says Christy. “Even with all of those different foods being passed your way, don’t take a serving of something else, if you haven’t finished what’s on your plate. This will also help keep your portion sizes under control.”

Also, don’t starve yourself the day before or on the actual day. Make sure to eat a good protein-based breakfast, and make sure to have good protein-based snacks during the day.

Thanksgiving is also about family time, so make sure you put your fork down every once and a while, and join in on the conversation. This will also help control your urge to eat more.

You can’t exactly have a conversation with food in your mouth, right?


3) Stick with Tradition, but Give it a Makeover

“Most people tend to overeat at Thanksgiving, simply because they don’t want to give up the traditional foods,” says Christy. “There are healthier alternatives to some of your traditional meals; foods that will leave you feeling satisfied, but will help you avoid the temptation to overeat.”

When it comes to the turkey and the potatoes, you can make a great-tasting Thanksgiving dinner that is still traditional, but also tasty.

“There are traditional turkey recipes that are healthy, you just have to do your research,” says Christy. “There are also traditional sides, like Parmesan mashed red potatoes that have half the calories and regular fat than typical recipes.”

If you are going to Thanksgiving at a friend or family’s house, choose wisely when it comes time to dine. Choose white meat over dark, roasted sweet potatoes over candied yams, and eat your vegetables. For dessert, a small slice of pumpkin pie is okay, just avoid the whipped topping.

Also, avoid finger foods. These tend to be the highest in calories and fat.


4) Sit Down:

It sounds simple enough. But, how many of us take a plate of food and nibble on it until you’ve found a seat? It’s hard to really enjoy food when you are standing up, balancing a plate. Don’t take a bite unless you are sitting down.


5) State Out Loud Three of Your Favorite Thanksgiving Foods:

It’s likely that you named foods you only get once a year like cranberry dressing, Aunt Beth’s sweet potato pie or turkey. Consider what it is about these foods that give you pleasure. The texture? Taste? Smell? Focus on the foods you really love. Savor them. Consider whether you really enjoy filler foods like rolls, things you can get all year. Stick to what you know you love.


6) Take a Game or Photos:

When food is the only event at Thanksgiving, it makes it too easy to mindlessly overeat. Bring your favorite board game or cards. Or, tote along photos from the year to ooh and ah over.


7) Find Ways to Soothe and Comfort Yourself.

Holidays are exciting and stressful. Find ways to calm and soothe yourself so you don’t turn to calories for comfort. You might want to check out our new product, Dial the New You. It may be just the thing to help you.


8) Rethink Thanksgiving:

Perhaps we need to change our perception of the holiday before we can change our behavior. In many ways, Thanksgiving is just like any other meal. When isn’t there an abundance of food? So, think of this meal like any others. Seeing Thanksgiving as “different” or “special” seems to imply that there is a different way we eat. Yes, it is a holiday, but Thanksgiving is about spending time with those you care about, not eating everything in sight. Remember, mindful eating is not a diet. You don’t have to avoid good food. It just means eating it slowly, with full awareness.


9) Mindless Triggers:

It’s likely that you can pinpoint some of your most common mindless eating triggers. Do you tend to pick mindlessly at food when it is sitting directly in front of you? Does eating next to an annoying relative lead you to stress eat? Make a list of things that sabotage your mindful eating and strategize around how to address them. For example, pick your favorite person to sit next to and grab the seat. If you tend to pick at food, commit to passing food out of arm’s reach as soon as you sit down.


Best wishes on Thanksgiving! Eat, Drink and have fun

The product of the month is Grape Seed

Written By: Graphics Department - Nov• 04•14


This spray contains a powerful, natural antioxidant known as proanthocyanidin, which is extracted from grape seeds and pine bark, and is one of the most efficient, natural free radical scavengers known.

Free radicals, including peroxides, are byproducts that can be formed in our bodies. Free radicals develop through exposure to toxic chemicals in air, food and water, or from overexposure to sunlight. The body’s normal chemical processes also form free radicals, including the metabolism of polyunsaturated fats. In short, free radicals can be very harmful to our cells and are responsible for countless ailments.

The human body does have a defense system, however, in the form of special enzymes that scavenge and neutralize free radicals. Antioxidants, such as proanthocyanidin, bolster the action of these enzymes.

VitaMist Grape Seed utilizes this power, by adding it to the time-tested vitamins B6 and B12. Vitamins B6 and B12 also minimize free radical damage by assisting our special enzymes and boosting the power of our immune systems.

Available in two forms, one with the proanthocyanidin extracted from grape seeds (VitaMist Grape Seed) and the other from pine bark (VitaMist Pine Bark), these sprays are a welcome addition to anyone’s daily dietary intake.

Dear VitaMist Family,

Written By: Graphics Department - Oct• 14•14

ms Deihl_view_letterWhat does October mean to you?
Is it the end of summer?  The start of fall?  Halloween, maybe?  Or are you thinking about the onset of winter, with longer nights and sitting in front of warm fires?  Before you know it, it will be the Holiday Season again.

The Holiday Season comes around every year!  Yet every single year I have heard “The Holidays” used as a “reason” for people to let their business slow down.  Well, just remember, you have a choice!  You can either have your freedom, or you can give excuses. In order for you to have the financial freedom you want, and the success you deserve in your VitaMist business, you need to give up two things right now: making excuses and blaming others!

I would guess that every single VitaMist Distributor is doing one of two things; either making money or blaming someone and giving excuses. Let me repeat myself. You are either making a success of your business, or you are giving excuses and blaming someone else for your failure. Imagine if you owned a McDonalds franchise, and you did not make any profit in your first month or year.  Would you blame the corporate office or the regional inspector? My guess is, you wouldn’t.  Why not?  Because the McDonalds system has made a lot of people very successful.
Giving excuses for your failure is simply to clear yourself from blame. So you had a home party with 49 guests and no one signed up.  Do you give up?  Your up-line’s phone was cut off and you couldn’t make a three way call.  Do you give up?  You can either make money or make an excuse.  I am urging you to take ownership of your own VitaMist business.

It would be nice for your up-line to be available 24/7. It would be nice for you to be a great speaker, with a Ph.D. in sales.  However, in reality, nothing is perfect.  DO WHATEVER IT TAKES.  If your closing skill is lacking, work on it.  If your marketing skill is lacking, work on it. If your communication skill is lacking, work on it. Do not give excuses. Instead of excuses, work on being good at your craft.

Not only do we give excuses, we find a way to blame others for our failure. YOU ARE YOUR UP-LINE!  Think about that for a minute.  If you know you are your own up-line, then you will not blame anyone else for your failure or lack of results.  Blaming others for your own failure is “the language of the mediocre,”  and I know that you are not mediocre!
In conclusion, as winter approaches, I would like to borrow a slogan from our the United States Army, “be all that you can be!”  I urge you to live your life with passion, and take responsibility for both your successes and your failures.  Remember, if you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.
Dream big dreams, then put on your overalls and go out and make your dreams come true –
~Fred Van Amburgh

From My Heart With